20 Days of Handmade: Meghan Shimek

meghan shimekToday I wrap up my 20 Days of Handmade series! Thank to everyone for following along. I hope you’ve found some new favorite artisans to support.

My final post features Meghan Shimek, a textile artist based out of San Francisco, California. In addition to selling her own weaving, she has also started selling small looms and beginner kits. You can find out about classes she offers in the bay area through her website, and see what work she has available there and in stores. Weaving is another craft I have very little experience with and have always wanted to try out. Meghan’s a great person, so if you have a chance to take a class with her, I highly recommend it.

My blog will be quiet for the next couple of weeks as I take a break from the holiday order rush and enjoy some time reading with my cat George. Happy Holidays y’all! And thanks for supporting handmade this year.

20 Days of Handmade: Mandy Allen Metal Arts

mandy allen metal artsThere are only a couple of posts left for 20 Days of Handmade! Today’s pick is another artist I met at the Grout Elementary holiday fair this year, Mandy Allen Metal Arts. She uses silver and anodized aluminum to create lovely and light jewelry and wall art. I love her gingko leaf inspired pieces such as this necklace. I’ve long been a fan of anodized aluminum and really enjoy her color combinations and metal cuts. Each piece has a lot of movement and never looks heavy.

Mandy Allen Metal Arts can also be found tomorrow at the Handmade Northwest Formal show!

20 Days of Handmade: House of Six Cats

house of six catsI was lucky to be next to some great people at my local craft shows this year, including today’s pick for 20 Days of Handmade. House of Six Cats uses original photography to create unique coasters, night lights, and more. I am partial to this set of 4 library book themed coasters but he has lots of Pacific Northwest and Portland specific items to choose from as well, such as this set depicting Multnomah Falls.

Got a special idea for a custom order? Send him an email and he’ll be happy to work with you. See House of Six Cats in person at the Handmade Northwest Formal show on December 20!

20 Days of Handmade: Aleebird

aleebirdIf the winter gets you down, might I recommend some Aleebird prints to brighten up your days? Maybe some blue delphiniums or a wee goldfinch print? Alee’s watercolor and line work is delightful and she manages to really capture the essence of them without making the drawing look labored.

You can also order copies of her book The Exuberant Garden and have a whole coffee table book full of beautiful work.

20 Days of Handmade: Blue Bird Sews

blue bird sewsThere’s nothing better than doing a craft show with other great vendors who put time and effort into not just their product but their displays as well. Blue Bird Sews has been at almost every show I’ve done this season and it’s always a pleasure to see her work.

Her vintage inspired: modern handmade tagline really sums it up. Her quilted and sewn works have an updated feel while retaining a classic aesthetic.

Get a set of sewn stars and put one on your tree and stuff the other in the stocking of your office mate instead of some coffee sampler from the gift area of big box store. Or send me a quilt so I can hibernate for the next few months in style.

20 Days of Handmade: Worlds Without Master

worlds without master

Cover art by Jeff Brown.

Have you joined the Patreon horde yet? Might I recommend the latest from Ennie Award Winning Dread creator Epidiah Ravachol? Worlds Without Master is a gaming story art adventure creation that uses the Patreon system of funding to come straight to your inbox every few months. Volume 1 issue 6 dropped this month and features short stories, comics, illustrations, great cover art and more.

What the hell is Patreon you ask yourself? It is a funding platform that is very compatible with small creators. Supporters pledge to projects they like forĀ  a certain dollar amount and are only charged when the creator sends out product in the form of a PDF magazine, YouTube video, or what have you. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, it ensures a steady stream of funding for people who are doing long term projects.

Worlds Without Master has several levels that you as a backer can choose from. For a mere $5 per issue you and a friend can receive the latest to your inbox. I am a firm believer in paying for creative content, so support those who work to put out new material! To hell with the Huffington Post. Eppy is managing to pay each contributor to Worlds Without Master and when he reaches his next Patreon Milestone Goal, he’ll be paying himself for his own fiction as well. Join the horde and onward to adventure!

20 Days of Handmade: Crazy Green Studios

crazy green studiosOne of the nicest people I met while in Asheville, North Carolina, was Lori Theriault of Crazy Green Studios. As I was preparing to leave town, she and a group were working to open The Village Potters which is now located at 191 Lyman Street, #180, in Riverview Station in Asheville’s river arts district.

The Village Potters is both a gallery and a teaching center, so you can sign up to finally learn how to throw on the wheel. It’s the best place to see Lori’s work in person these days and they also have an online shop if you want to buy one of Lori’s great mugs but don’t happen to be in western North Carolina.

You can also follow Lori’s blog Homemade Tastes Better on Handmade to see her plates and bowls in action.

20 Days of Handmade: Jeanette Zeis Pottery

jeanette zeisIf you read any vegan blogs then you’ve seen the pottery of Jeanette Zeis and know why she’s today’s pick for 20 Days of Handmade. Her cupcake stands and vegan bowls and mugs can be spotted in many the blog post.

I have long loved her clean lines and colors and was pleased to see she has a new line of work that features carved, glazed, and hand painted jars. The amount of detail and work in these is fabulous.

jeanette zeis Jeanette Zeis will be at the Handmade Holiday Pop Up Shop at Herbivore in Portland, Oregon, on December 18th from 4-8! Stop by to see her work in person.

20 Days of Handmade: Veganville Baked Goods

veganvilleVeganville has been slinging baked goods across the country since 2009 and is today’s pick for 20 days of Handmade. Who doesn’t love a good whoopie pie? Gigi’s got a great variety of them including these chocolate and mint ones that are sure to satisfy all your end of year mint cravings.

What’s that? A package of whoopie pies is not enough for your office party? Get some white chocolate and cranberry cookies to go with them. Add some chocolate sandwich cookies and creme cupcakes and you’ll be the hit of the party! Just don’t forget to invite me cause y’all know I love me some sweets.

Veganville is taking orders for Christmas delivery through December 18th.



20 Days of Handmade: Black and Green Games

black and green gamesBlack and Green Games is the independent game publishing imprint founded by the great Emily Care Boss in 2005 and my pick for this 11th day of handmade. I highly recommend following her on the Twitter where she talks about gender issues and re-tweets a great diversity of voices in gaming.

If you’re in Massachusetts or nearby, check out Jiffycon, which she founded in 2006. You can also check out her shop site to peruse and buy her own RPGs such as Shooting the Moon and Remodel. If you’re interested in gaming or learning about gaming, spend some time link hopping at Black and Green Games. Stereotypes begone! There’s a whole world of gaming out there waiting to be discovered.