Happy Halloween from Panda With Cookie

Happy Halloween! It’s our favorite holiday here at Panda With Cookie headquarters! I wanted to leave a few photos from years past to reminisce on. It is time for all things orange, cooler nights, and cats who want to eat your pumpkin bars.

Happy Halloween! Jack o lanterns

Our latest pumpkins carved in Portland.

Mr Bran moves on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars

Mr Bran moves in on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars in Asheville.

pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake pie from Joni Marie Newman’s Just the Food.

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits. A long ago recipe from Bianca at Vegan Crunk.

Happy Halloween

Our first carved jack o’ lanterns in Portland.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge 2016 Benefit for the Animals

Tofu Pirate Apron. Makes a great vegetarian gift.The Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is holding their 2016 Benefit for the Animals on October 22 from 6-9 pm in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tickets for the annual gala are available on their website now. The benefit includes a silent auction and raffle and is where you can get the last tofu pirate apron from Panda With Cookie.

There will also be an open bar, live jazz band, and vegan appetizers. You can check out their Facebook page for current updates.  If you’re in the Raleigh area this weekend, be sure to get your tickets and take part!

Working With The Creative Mind Workshop in Portland

creative mindMy friend Trista is co-hosting a creative mind workshop on Saturday October 29th from 1-5 pm. From their website:

“Our workshops combine creative writing techniques, meditation, and gentle yoga to help you clear mental clutter, silence self-doubt, and refuel your creative mind. ”

Registration is $55 and the workshop will be help at Another Read Through, located at 3932 N. Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Check out their website for more details and join their Facebook group!

Manos The Hands of Fate Baby Onesie Halloween Costume

Manos The Hands Of Fate Baby Onesie makes a great Halloween costume for your babyThe perfect Halloween costume for your baby is now on sale! The Manos: The Hands of Fate baby onesie is only $12 plus shipping all through October here at Panda With Cookie.

This is a super easy Halloween costume that is sure to get attention. Every Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax fan will love seeing a wee master out trick or treating.

This baby onesie is available is sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. The $12 sale ends at midnight on October 31st. Torgo not included.

Alyson Provax at Wolff Gallery

Alyson Provax at Wolff Gallery in Portland OregonWolff Gallery is featuring the print work of Alyson Provax through the month of June. This is a show you need to see in person because photographs of the prints don’t do them justice.

The show is “a meditation upon the expansiveness of the universe and eerie encounters with the unknown.” There are a number of marbled prints that have a planetary vibe interspersed with some text prints with found phrases such as “I felt the sound more than heard it”. Sounds a bit odd, but when you’re in the gallery it all just works together.

The two highlights were Diagram 50 and Diagram 51, both hanging in the front room. Both are silkscreen monotypes, one on Khadi, the other on St. Armand. Instead of being framed or mounted on birch, these free hang slightly away from the wall with the use of magnets. The papers have a wonderful texture and with the cut outs and layering of the marbled print underneath it creates a floating effect.

The show is wonderfully cohesive without ever seeming too saturated. The variety in the papers and mounting techniques holds your interest as you move through the space and there are just enough of the small text works to shake it up.

Wolff Gallery is located at 618 NW Glisan Street in Portland, Oregon. They are open Friday and Saturday from 1-5 pm. The ALyson Provax show runs through July 3.


Martha Rosler at the Seattle Art Museum


Red Stripe Kitchen, 1967-72, Martha Rosler

Go check out the Martha Rosler exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. It’s always a delight to see a fabulous feminist artist who is not only still making relevant work but also completely ahead of her time when looking back on older works.

The exhibition focuses on 2 major works, House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home executed between 1967-1972 and House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, New Series from 2004-2008. View them on Rosler’s website because they’re quite devastating to see from a country that has erased war images so thoroughly from our news coverage.

There are also a few videos set on low screens with headphones and couches for viewing. The absolute highlight of the show for me was A Budding Gourmet from 1974, which could have come straight out of a foodie magazine today with such great quotes as “will enhance me as a human being”, “make eating into an experience”, “Delicious and exotic (on food in South America)”, and “The Indians are very spiritual”.

It’s almost as if Rosler foresaw the explosion of both eating as morality in 21st century America and the fetishization of “other” cultures which white guys then “elevate”. How many times have you heard that phrase on the ol’ Top Chef Master Chef Pok Pok circuit when referring to the food that women of color typically cook?

Martha Rosler: Below the Surface runs through July 4 at the Seattle Art Museum.

Sherry Markovitz at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle

Polar Bear head by Sherry Markovitz at Greg Kucera Gallery

Polar Bear by Sherry Markovitz at Greg Kucera Gallery

I recently had some time in Seattle and was thrilled to visit the Greg Kucera Gallery while I was there. Time to Take a Walk by Sherry Markowitz has just opened and is perfect for an early summer show.

The show is split with a number of large gouache on cotton paintings featuring dogs and three dimensional beaded animal heads. The loose painting style is complemented by the unstretched and unframed cotton, which gives each work a light and airy feeling. The beaded animal heads anchor the show with a feeling of heaviness compared to the breezy paintings.

Welded steel balloon by Edward Wicklander

Edward Wicklander at Greg Kucera Gallery

Don’t miss some gems also currently on display in the back and upstairs. There is a fabulous pair of Edward Wicklander welded steel balloons upstairs, positioned to look like they’ve just floated up from the first floor.

There’s also a great Margie Livingston entitled Crumpled Silver Painting on Shelf in the back room. I love paint as a sculptural material. This one reminds me of the Nancy Lorenz pieces at PDX Contemporary this past month. Livingston has the next show at Greg Kucera Gallery which runs July 7 through August 20. The Seattle Art Fair will be running August 4 through 7 and would be a great weekend to visit.

Greg Kucera Gallery is located at 212 Third Avenue in Seattle Washington and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 to 5:30.


Portland Vegan Beer and Food Festival June 11

Pizza, cherry, and blueberry pie cat beds. Available at Panda With Cookie. Featured at the 2016 Vegan Beer and Food Festival in Portland.

The Vegan Beer and Food Festival returns to Portland again this year on June 11th at Zidell Yards. Panda With Cookie is happy to announce that we will once again be in attendance as part of their marketplace. Gates open for general admission at 1 pm and close at 7 pm. For VIP tickets the gates open at 11 am.

Tickets are still available and with each entry you get a 4 ounce tasting glass to enjoy pours from over 50 breweries. They’ve expanded the drink selections this year and there will also be unlimited pours for kombucha, craft sodas and cold brew coffee.

A kangaroo plush toy in brown and whiteOver 40 restaurants will be set up and Panda With Cookie will be part of the 20+ vendors in the pop up marketplace. I’ll have the new cat beds for sale this year along with new plush.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets for this year’s Vegan Beer and Food Festival and check out the full line up of vendors.

Ellen Goldschmidt at Blackfish Gallery

Bad Seed by Ellen Goldschmidt at Blackfish Gallery May 2016

Bad Seed, 2016, charcoal and ink pastel on paper

Surrounded by Feeling is the current show by Ellen Goldschmidt at Blackfish Gallery. At first glance I wasn’t too interested in a show of portraits but as I moved through the space to the back of the gallery I was drawn in more and more.

I’m not always a fan of artist statements because they can be overworked to the point of making the art stand in the background. Goldschmidt’s statement, however, completely made this show for me.

While working on “privileging emotion” in a series of portraits she was working on Goldschmidt was reminded of the 2015 show Gods and Heroes at the Portland Art Museum. It featured a section of works from the Expressive Head Competition from the Paris Academy in the 18th century, works that are attempting to depict emotion rather than Goldschmidt’s attempts to inhabit emotion.

I love connections like this. I would never had viewed this show and thought back to the Gods and Heroes exhibit but once she mentioned it my brain was ready to make all sorts of new comparisons and connections. What a difference 250 years can make.

Toward the bottom of her statement, almost as an afterthought, Goldschmidt mentions that many of the drawings are “concerned with my relationship to my older sister and the sibling rivalry that consumed our childhood”. Well then. There’s a story there, but we don’t know it, and now the drawings have a heightened tension as titles like Bad Seed and Sister’s Arm take on a whole new meaning.

Surrounded by Feeling stayed stuck in my head for days and writing about it now I already have Bad Seed back in mind and those questions and connections that make life interesting.

Blackfish Gallery is located at 420 NW 9th Ave in Portland, Oregon and is open from 11-5 Tuesday through Saturday. Surrounded by Feeling by Ellen Goldschmidt runs from May 3-28.