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Cat Ornaments Ready for Christmas

Cat ornaments for ChristmasI have new cat ornaments in my shop this year for the holidays! There are a variety of colors and styles that are pre-made and ready to ship. Ginger tabbies, tuxedos, solid black, and more.

It’s incredibly difficult to sell custom work at a show and I had a lot of people ask about the cat ornaments, so I decided to make some and see how they did at my holiday shows last year. They were a hit, so this year I have them online so it’s easier for people to buy all the cats they need.

These make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. They are my number one seller and I get so many comments from people who give and receive them who enjoy pulling them out every year.

I am still doing custom cat ornaments for you as well! You can message me at pandawithcookie at with photos of your cat to get a price quote or just follow the link to the ornament page.

Orange tabby cat Christmas ornament

Happy Halloween from Panda With Cookie

Happy Halloween! It’s our favorite holiday here at Panda With Cookie headquarters! I wanted to leave a few photos from years past to reminisce on. It is time for all things orange, cooler nights, and cats who want to eat your pumpkin bars.

Happy Halloween! Jack o lanterns

Our latest pumpkins carved in Portland.

Mr Bran moves on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars

Mr Bran moves in on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars in Asheville.

pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake pie from Joni Marie Newman’s Just the Food.

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits. A long ago recipe from Bianca at Vegan Crunk.

Happy Halloween

Our first carved jack o’ lanterns in Portland.

Lewis and Clark CFA Cat Show 2015

cat ornaments, crafty wonderland, CFA cat show Panda With Cookie is pleased to be participating in the 2015 CFA Cat Show put on by the Lewis and Clark Cat Club. I’ll be at the Double Tree Inn at the Lloyd Center at 1000 NE Multnomah St. in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 6th from 9-4.

I’ll have a select number of catnip toys and beds and a large selection of my cat ornaments with options to order your custom cat ornaments at the show.

Admission to the Lewis and Clark CFA cat show is $4, with $1 going toward the Cat Adoption Team food bank. There will be over 200 show cats to see, as well as a household cat division, cat adoptions by Cat Adoption Team and vendors with cat toys and gifts.


New Handmade Cat Beds at Panda With Cookie

handmade cat beds I am thrilled to show what I’ve been busy working on for the past few weeks. I have new handmade cat beds for sale at here at Panda With Cookie.

Available in a pizza pie, with pepperoni, green peppers and black olives on a saucy crust or as a blueberry or cherry pie with lattice topping.

These handmade cat beds measure roughly 20 inches in diameter and are machine washable! Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and dry on a low heat for about 20 minutes. They are sewn with anti-pill fleece and poly fil. george pizza bed

Here’s our model George demonstrating proper use of the pizza cat bed. It’s his pick for the 2015 Holiday Gift Of The Year For Cats and Those Who Like Cats, so you know George means business. Available at Panda With Cookie or pick up at one of my local Portland, Oregon shows this season.

National Cat Day 2015

Every day is National Cat Day here at Panda With Cookie, home of the personalized cat ornament. We spent 30 minutes this morning feeding and brushing our resident cat George, who wanted to send a greeting to some of the great cat shelters here in Portland, Oregon.

national cat day

Photo from Feral Cat Coalition

The Feral Cat Coalition does great work with trap and release programs to spay and neuter feral cats to help keep their populations down. You can visit their website to find out how to take in your neighborhood feral cats. Look for that distinctive tipped ear to see if they’ve been fixed.


GeorgeThe Cat Adoption Team is where our buddy George came from. They always have a variety of cats and kittens to choose from and it’s always great to adopt from a shelter. They also have a thrift store at 3848 SW Scholls Ferry Road, with proceeds going to benefit the shelter. Buy some new cookie sheets there, or donate your old crystal wine glasses.

The Pixie Project is also a great place to look for a new cat friend. They have a sweet George looking for a home right now, too. Maybe you need to take him home this week?

20 Days of Handmade: CAT Adoption Team Calender

cat adoption team calenderThe 2015 CAT Adoption Team calender is available now! Each is just $10 and chock full of cat photos to make your whole year better. All proceeds go toward the CAT mission of taking in cats without homes, giving medical care, and finding them a new place to live.

GeorgeThey are also featured in the Give Guide this year and you can donate to them there as well. We found our George through CAT Adoption Team and highly recommend them. Just look at that belly! 27% mood betterment guaranteed!

Personalized Pet Ornaments Cat and Dog

It’s thpersonlaized pet ornamentsat time of year again! Personalized pet ornaments are back at Panda With Cookie!

These are easy to order and make wonderful Christmas gifts for any pet lover on your list. Send a photo of your cats and dogs to pandawithcookie at gmail dot com and I will email back with a price quote and any questions I have. I’ll then work on creating your pet pattern and send in progress photos for approval before the final sewing.

personalized pet ornaments

These are one of my favorite items to make at this time of year. Turnaround is as quick as a week and I’m already in production on orders.

Personalized cat stockingI also have a new personalized pet item this year, the made to order cat stocking! This is an Eco Felt stocking in red or green that features your pet’s face and any letter of your choice on the cuff. I can ship one pre-stuffed with a catnip carrot or catnip dinosaur from my shop. If you’re interested in one for your pup, send me an email and I’ll work on a prototype.

Personalized pet ornaments and stockings are wonderful and unique gifts. They are sure to delight on the Christmas tree for years to come.


Food That Looks Like My Cat: Seitan Burgers

I love Joni Marie Newman’s seitan burgers from her book The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet. We make them often and I noticed they might qualify as a food that looks like my cat. These are super simple to mix up and bake and they always turn out great. Sometimes I stuff them with cheese and bacos but more often these days I just make them plain and load up on the toppings. For the purposes of making food that looks like my cat, I just put the burger on my standard whole wheat bun.

seitan burger

Shout out to brown food! Although George was willing to sit with the seitan burger, George did not appear very interested in it. However, the seitan burger is indeed a food that looks like my cat.


Food That Looks Like My Cat: Cheddar Biscuits

As I made some Bisquick cheddar biscuits yesterday in the Rollie, I though perhaps if they were baked, the biscuits might qualify as a food that looks like my cat. The Rollie doesn’t really brown food, so I did some more mix and popped a small batch in the oven. The results:

bisquick biscuits

I am a fan of these biscuits and have heard they are reminiscent of the Red Lobster biscuits. I have never eaten at Red Lobster but I do like garlic and I do like cheezey biscuits.

George was in no mood for sitting when I tried to photograph him next to the biscuits. Maybe George doesn’t like garlic. Maybe George just never sits still from the hours of nine to eleven AM.  But even with this blurry photo you can see that the Bisquick cheddar garlic biscuits are a lighter color than George and thus not the best candidate for food that looks like my cat.

food that looks like my cat

Food That Looks Like My Cat: Coffee

This is a fun new theme this year for Vegan Mofo! It’s a whole month of Thursdays that feature food that looks like my cat George. This is George.

catAnd sometimes this is George.

GeorgeY’all know that I think brown food tastes best, and since George is brown-ish in color and often lays around like a loaf, I decided to do some side by side comparisons to see what foods most resemble George the cat.


My lovely man friend Paul likes his coffee. He likes his fancy coffee, with scales and hand grinders and thermometers and Aero Presses and in this case homemade macadamia nut milk. In the ever present mason jar, no less. I thought it looked like George, so we put it to the test.

catThe fancy coffee drink it a bit lighter in color than George but not a bad match. George was ultimately not interested in partaking of the fancy coffee drink and continued to sit on the cat rug contemplating deep thoughts.