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Happy Halloween from Panda With Cookie

Happy Halloween! It’s our favorite holiday here at Panda With Cookie headquarters! I wanted to leave a few photos from years past to reminisce on. It is time for all things orange, cooler nights, and cats who want to eat your pumpkin bars.

Happy Halloween! Jack o lanterns

Our latest pumpkins carved in Portland.

Mr Bran moves on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars

Mr Bran moves in on the pumpkin chocolate chip bars in Asheville.

pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake pie from Joni Marie Newman’s Just the Food.

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits

Pumpkin cheddar biscuits. A long ago recipe from Bianca at Vegan Crunk.

Happy Halloween

Our first carved jack o’ lanterns in Portland.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge 2016 Benefit for the Animals

Tofu Pirate Apron. Makes a great vegetarian gift.The Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is holding their 2016 Benefit for the Animals on October 22 from 6-9 pm in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tickets for the annual gala are available on their website now. The benefit includes a silent auction and raffle and is where you can get the last tofu pirate apron from Panda With Cookie.

There will also be an open bar, live jazz band, and vegan appetizers. You can check out their Facebook page for current updates.  If you’re in the Raleigh area this weekend, be sure to get your tickets and take part!

Portland Vegan Beer and Food Festival June 11

Pizza, cherry, and blueberry pie cat beds. Available at Panda With Cookie. Featured at the 2016 Vegan Beer and Food Festival in Portland.

The Vegan Beer and Food Festival returns to Portland again this year on June 11th at Zidell Yards. Panda With Cookie is happy to announce that we will once again be in attendance as part of their marketplace. Gates open for general admission at 1 pm and close at 7 pm. For VIP tickets the gates open at 11 am.

Tickets are still available and with each entry you get a 4 ounce tasting glass to enjoy pours from over 50 breweries. They’ve expanded the drink selections this year and there will also be unlimited pours for kombucha, craft sodas and cold brew coffee.

A kangaroo plush toy in brown and whiteOver 40 restaurants will be set up and Panda With Cookie will be part of the 20+ vendors in the pop up marketplace. I’ll have the new cat beds for sale this year along with new plush.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets for this year’s Vegan Beer and Food Festival and check out the full line up of vendors.

Tofu Pirate Plush Makes a Perfect Vegetarian or Vegan Gift

The tofu pirate plush makes a wonderful vegan gift.Is it a marshmallow? Is it a ghost block? No, it’s the tofu pirate plush, an excellent choice for all your vegan gift needs!

The tofu pirate is one of the products I’ve been making the longest and even if she isn’t a top seller I love having her around.

I originally thought of this plush as a more niche product but have learned over the years that lots of people love the tofu pirate, especially kids. When I do craft shows, this unassuming white block draws lots of people to my booth who really love seeing tofu represented.  You’ll frequently hear someone saying to their friend “Guess what this is? It’s TOFU!”

The tofu pirate plush, and excellent vegan gift.When I did the Vegan Beer and Food Fest in Portland, Oregon this past fall, she was a huge hit. That Dang Vegan and  The Hungry Taurus both did nice write ups that mention the tofu pirate and some of the adventures they’ve had together.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique vegetarian or vegan gift, you can’t go wrong with a tofu pirate plush toy from Panda With Cookie.

The Great Vegan Grains Book Review

the great vegan grains bookI consider myself lucky to have received a copy of The Great Vegan Grains Book recently. Just published, it is the latest from vegan masterminds Tamasin Noyes and Celine Steen. You may remember them from such blogs as Vegan Appetite and Have Cake, Will Travel. Both blogs are fairly quiet these days, but both were around back in the days when vegan blogging was new and exciting.

I’m in my busy season right now with craft fairs galore but wanted to try out a couple of dishes and get a quick review up. Tami and Celine are two of the nicest vegans I know from the internet and I love using their cookbooks. In full disclosure, this book came to me for free but I haven’t been paid nor asked for a review.

The Great Vegan Grains Book features Celine’s gorgeous photography and an eclectic mix of recipes that feature grains ranging from the familiar rice to the more exotic einkorn. There’s a solid introduction with information on a variety of grains that includes cooking times and liquids for every one used in the book.

First up, I made the split pea and rice artichoke mujadarra (seen above) which was fabulous. I never use split peas except in split pea soup and this dish was so light and fresh I loved it. I also had the roasted corn and barley chowder, which was again light and fresh. I’d make this next time in the late summer when the fresh corn is high, but the mujadarra will be a winter staple.

I just received a bottle of Bar B Cutie bbq sauce from the man behind the I-40 Vegan (another blog from back in the day) and can’t wait to try the BBQ Bulger Burgers next. I’d highly recommend The Great Vegan Grains Book to anyone interested in expanding their bulk bin adventures beyond rice and quinoa.

Cyber Monday Sale! 2015 Ornament Collection!

Stegosaurus Pirate Rainbow Panda With Cookie has a great cyber Monday sale for you! A free 5 x 7 hand cut paper print with every order of $20 or more.

Simply add the print of your choosing from my Cyber Monday shop section to your cart, then enter coupon code CYBERMONDAY at checkout. Limited to stock on hand, good only for this cyber Monday sale. One per address, please.

cyber monday saleI’m also announcing that my 2015 ornament collection is here! Some old favorites like the Doctor Who tardis and dalek are back as well as some new friends like Bigfoot. These make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Need a secret Santa gift? Who wouldn’t love a wee taco beaming from the tree, especially if they’re already on the taco cleanse.

Thanks for supporting a small business this holiday season!

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes for Everyone

pumpkin cheesecake, vegan thanksgiving

Photo from Just the Food.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s an excellent day to gather with friends and family to enjoy each others company, play board games, and eat a big home cooked meal.

I’m not big on going overboard on the holidays with a huge meal that takes 3 days to prepare. I want to sit on the couch to watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathon while my partner cooks and then we continue to sit on the couch with George.

So here are some vegan Thanksgiving ideas for people who want an easier day to enjoy.

But a Tofurky roast or a Field Roast. Channel your inner Ron Popeil and set it and forget it.

Our preferred green bean casserole is the one from Campbell’s soup. Classic! Double the fried onions. Paul makes a big batch of the cream of mushroom soup from Cookin’ Crunk in advance and we freeze some for later casserole. This does require some advance work, but it is well worth it and easy to make day of.

A big bag of Pepperidge Farms stuffing will last through the holiday season. Stuffing in a bag! Yes!

I’m not making these this year, but if you want to really go all out with some homemade bread, these are the rolls. I-40 Vegan knows what’s what.

We always have a pile of roasted vegetables and this crispy cabbage recipe from Cadry’s Kitchen looks like a nice addition to those. Toss in some easy roasted Brussels sprouts from Dianne’s vegan kitchen, too. Remember, roasting is your friend. Set it and forget it!

Finish it all off with an easy pumpkin cheesecake pie from Joni at Just the Food. Make a day in advance and eat the night before.

Vegan Thanksgiving! Fast and delicious.


20 Days of Handmade: Jeanette Zeis Pottery

jeanette zeisIf you read any vegan blogs then you’ve seen the pottery of Jeanette Zeis and know why she’s today’s pick for 20 Days of Handmade. Her cupcake stands and vegan bowls and mugs can be spotted in many the blog post.

I have long loved her clean lines and colors and was pleased to see she has a new line of work that features carved, glazed, and hand painted jars. The amount of detail and work in these is fabulous.

jeanette zeis Jeanette Zeis will be at the Handmade Holiday Pop Up Shop at Herbivore in Portland, Oregon, on December 18th from 4-8! Stop by to see her work in person.

20 Days of Handmade: Veganville Baked Goods

veganvilleVeganville has been slinging baked goods across the country since 2009 and is today’s pick for 20 days of Handmade. Who doesn’t love a good whoopie pie? Gigi’s got a great variety of them including these chocolate and mint ones that are sure to satisfy all your end of year mint cravings.

What’s that? A package of whoopie pies is not enough for your office party? Get some white chocolate and cranberry cookies to go with them. Add some chocolate sandwich cookies and creme cupcakes and you’ll be the hit of the party! Just don’t forget to invite me cause y’all know I love me some sweets.

Veganville is taking orders for Christmas delivery through December 18th.