New Baby Onesies at Panda With Cookie

Pirate Squid Onesie

Panda With Cookie is pleased to announce that we have new baby onesies and they are verified fair wage. I’ve struggled for a while to find a company that produces fair wage, made in the USA, preferably union made onesie blanks and I simply haven’t been able to source them. I’m happy to have chosen a new baby onesies supplier that meets some of my criteria and is still a good quality onesie for you.

tofu pirate baby onesieI am also happy to announce that we also have a new pink onesie, which has been out of stock for quite a while. We currently have them featuring the jaunty tofu pirate and a Tardis police box, but as always, feel free to contact the Panda With Cookie headquarters if you have any special color requests.