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Cat Ornaments Ready for Christmas

Cat ornaments for ChristmasI have new cat ornaments in my shop this year for the holidays! There are a variety of colors and styles that are pre-made and ready to ship. Ginger tabbies, tuxedos, solid black, and more.

It’s incredibly difficult to sell custom work at a show and I had a lot of people ask about the cat ornaments, so I decided to make some and see how they did at my holiday shows last year. They were a hit, so this year I have them online so it’s easier for people to buy all the cats they need.

These make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. They are my number one seller and I get so many comments from people who give and receive them who enjoy pulling them out every year.

I am still doing custom cat ornaments for you as well! You can message me at pandawithcookie at gmail.com with photos of your cat to get a price quote or just follow the link to the ornament page.

Orange tabby cat Christmas ornament

20 Days of Handmade: CAT Adoption Team Calender

cat adoption team calenderThe 2015 CAT Adoption Team calender is available now! Each is just $10 and chock full of cat photos to make your whole year better. All proceeds go toward the CAT mission of taking in cats without homes, giving medical care, and finding them a new place to live.

GeorgeThey are also featured in the Give Guide this year and you can donate to them there as well. We found our George through CAT Adoption Team and highly recommend them. Just look at that belly! 27% mood betterment guaranteed!

Personalized Pet Ornaments Cat and Dog

It’s thpersonlaized pet ornamentsat time of year again! Personalized pet ornaments are back at Panda With Cookie!

These are easy to order and make wonderful Christmas gifts for any pet lover on your list. Send a photo of your cats and dogs to pandawithcookie at gmail dot com and I will email back with a price quote and any questions I have. I’ll then work on creating your pet pattern and send in progress photos for approval before the final sewing.

personalized pet ornaments

These are one of my favorite items to make at this time of year. Turnaround is as quick as a week and I’m already in production on orders.

Personalized cat stockingI also have a new personalized pet item this year, the made to order cat stocking! This is an Eco Felt stocking in red or green that features your pet’s face and any letter of your choice on the cuff. I can ship one pre-stuffed with a catnip carrot or catnip dinosaur from my shop. If you’re interested in one for your pup, send me an email and I’ll work on a prototype.

Personalized pet ornaments and stockings are wonderful and unique gifts. They are sure to delight on the Christmas tree for years to come.


Food That Looks Like My Cat: Applesauce Bread

A friend recently sent me a great old spiral bound cookbook from the Sandwich Community Hospital in Sandwich, Illinois titled Ladies Auxiliary Favorite Recipes.

Ladies Auxiliary Cookbook    I remember this type of cookbook well from my youth. A group would gather recipes from the community and send them off to be spiral bound as a fundraiser for the VFW ladies auxiliary or the volunteer fire department. Each person would get credit on their recipe and if you bought the cookbook you would know most of the people inside. And had likely tried a few dishes as well.

vegan applesauce bread

I’ve decided to veganize some of the recipes from this cookbook to see how they turn out, starting with Mrs. J. Leonard’s applesauce bread. I’ll have a recipe and review posted here tomorrow. After the loaf came out of the oven, smelling quite autumnal, I noticed that it bore a resemblance to a certain ginger cat.

applesauce loafAnd indeed, the applesauce loaf from the Ladies Auxiliary Favorite Recipes is a very close match for George. Stay tuned tomorrow for the recipe!

Food That Looks Like My Cat: Cinnamon Rolls

Back by popular demand! Food that looks like my cat!

This topic was a big hit during Vegan MoFo so I’ll be bringing you more brown-ish and orange-ish foods that look like my brown-ish and orange-ish cat named George.

Today I present cinnamon rolls. I highly recommend the recipe from Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Easy to make, easy to proof overnight, easy to eat. And always delicious.

cinnamon rolls

George had no interest in getting out of bed in the wee hours to look at sweet sweet cinnamon rolls, so I took the pan to him to compare.

The verdict? Not bad. I decided to not make a sugary glaze to drizzle on the cat to further the comparison.

Food That Looks Like My Cat: Mini Fondant Cake

I wanted to take a slightly different tack this week for Food That Looks Like My Cat. So I made a food that would absolutely look like George. Behold! The George mini cake!

george-cake-1I used the easy bake oven recipe for a lil’ yellow cake from The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes from Kris Holcheck. Then I got creative with the fondant and dyed and rolled out a wee George face to top it.


George inspects his likeness and gives the George Seal Of Approval, which is just a look slightly above disdain for the panda monkey’s nonsense.


The lil’ yellow cake cut open.

food that looks like my cat

Meet George the Cat


Meet George, the new cat in charge at Panda With Cookie headquarters! We adopted him just two weeks ago from the Cat Adoption Team in Portland, Oregon. George’s likes include food, carrying shoes to the bed in the middle of the night, and slowly expanding and stretching during the night to take over a good one third of the bed. His dislikes include not having food, being told to get off the work table, and not having food.


George is clearly a thinking cat, pondering deep thoughts about the Fibonacci sequence and the Pythagorean theorem. Just out of view here is his notebook and pen where he works mightily at unraveling the tangled math equations that will result in a)opening the closet door, b)pulling out the food bag, and c)getting into the food bag for a 3 am bacchanalia.

He’ll be making many appearances here on the new blog and you can follow us over on Instagram to see what he gets up to on a daily basis.